Our Services

At Growing Minds we offer Before School, After School & Vacation Care.

Find out more about what we offer below!

Before School Care

Before School Care commences at 7am. We offer your children a perfect start to the day with quiet activities and breakfast.  Our school drop off service ensures they’re at school in good time for first bell.

After School Care

After School Care commences at 3.00pm and runs until 6.30pm. We offer a school pick up service, and a range of activities. Services include supervised homework, social skills development, martial arts and dance.

Vacation Care

Children find Vacation Care to be exciting! Enrich your children’s lives through our vacation program, which encourages children to be involved in a wide variety of activities including art, craft, cooking, sport, dance and drama.

Our Inclusive Benefits

Supervised Homework

Our supervised homework program focuses on cognitive, social, emotional and language development. It’s a safe and nurturing environment where kids can ask questions and get help from our qualified staff.


Our Dance Program helps students develop muscular strength, endurance, motor fitness, balance and coordination. Best of all they have a great time!

Martial Arts program

Movement and exercise is at the core or what we do. Our martial arts program teaches confidence, respect and teamwork. Children learn how to effectively punch, block and kick. They learn fundamental martial arts patterns and self defence techniques.