Frequently Asked Question’s

Program: Education – Empowerment – Sports

What is the Growing Minds difference?

We’re not your average OSHC. Yes, we do arts, crafts, cooking and explore technology but we also focus on Education-Empowerment-Sports.

Education: We offer quiet space and time for your children to complete their homework. Most of our staff are studying teaching and are available to assist with your children’s questions. Whilst we’re not a tutoring centre, a helping hand goes a long way with our students.

Empowerment: What are the events that have shaped the world? Who are the voices that have shifted humanity? Do we have a growth mindset? Do we apply goals in our day to day life? Are we grateful? 

Our empowerment schedules are embedded in our education practise, this means your children will explore and experience lessons that are broader than your traditional primary classrooms.

Sports: Movement and exercise is at the core of  what we do. We have specifically developed Martial Arts & Dance Programs. We also play sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket and tennis in our free time. Being in such a large school environment, our possibilities are endless.

What happens in Before, After & Vacation Care?

Parents & Guardians can view our hour by hour schedule on Storypark. Once you commence your enrolment with Growing Minds you will receive an email notification to join StoryPark and be able to view programs and your children’s photos.

Can I view the parent handbook?

Yes you can by clicking on the link: Parent Handbook 

Operating Times:

What time does Growing Minds start and finish?

Morning sessions start at 7am each weekday at Parramatta centre, and our drop off service ensures arrival at Parramatta Public school before the first bell.

Afternoon sessions start immediately after school at 3pm each weekday and the service concludes at 6.30pm.

During school holidays we operate from 7am until 6:30pm.

Westmead After School Care service begins at 3pm to 6.15pm.

Child Care Subsidy:

Who can get Child Care Subsidy?

Please visit this Services Australia link to learn more.

How do I claim Child Care Subsidy?

Please visit this Services Australia link to learn more.

How do I estimate my Child Care Subsidy Payment?

Parents & Guardians can use the Payment & Services Finder by Centrelink or for a quick reference you can now use The Child Care subsidy Calculator (Not affiliated with Centrelink).

Who receives the Child Care Subsidy Payment?

In most cases CCS is paid directly to Growing Minds and then families are only required to pay the Gap.

How do I confirm my enrolment with Growing Minds and receive CCS?

All Parents & Guardians that are entitled to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will need to confirm their enrolment with Growing Minds via MyGov. RA type Parents & Guardians do not need to confirm via MyGov.

Different types of childcare arrangements:

What is a Comply Written Agreement (CWA)?

A Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) is an ongoing agreement between Growing Minds and a Parent/Guardian, to provide care in return for fees. A CWA is required for CCS funding to be facilitated.

What is a Relevant Arrangement (RA)?

An arrangement between the provider and individual for the care of a child that does not meet the full requirements for a Complying Written Arrangement. No Child Care Subsidy can be paid for care provided under this type of agreement. This type of enrolment notice is used only where a provider is sure that the family does not wish to claim Child Care Subsidy.

Bookings & Other Business:

How do I make, change or cancel a booking?
Whats the best contact number for Growing Minds?

Our Parramatta Nominated Supervisor is best reached on 0451 938 731


Do Staff at Growing Minds hold qualifications?

Our staff are all required to have a valid working with children check (WWCC) which we validate through the office of the children’s guardian. Staff are also required to have first aid and anaphylaxis training. The majority of our staff are certificate 3 or Diploma qualified in children services and some of our staff are pursuing a Degree in Teaching. Our staff to student ratio are 1:12, greater than the state average.

Martial Arts Program:

Why does your child/ren need Martial Arts?

It is good for children to learn martial arts as they learn to protect themselves in any situation. They gain confidence in being able to defend themselves but also learn the importance of self discipline, a key skill of development. Students also interact with their peers and additionally their instructors. Martial Arts provides great physical and mental strength for students and is a great way to become more active. It also provides skills for self defence and should never be used to bully or intimidate others.

What is the payment for Martial Arts program?

Martial Arts program is a structured program offered at Growing Minds at no ongoing cost to families. There is a one off charge for the Martial Arts uniform of $80 currently, and a $60 charge for the Grading that your child is expected to attend every quarter to move to the next level of skill and belt in the program.

What are the days for Martial Arts program?

Martial Arts program is currently held at our Parramatta location for a 45 minute session each on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week (During School Term).

At our Westmead location, we also have 3 martial arts sessions per week (Days TBA).

Can my child trial Martial Arts program before opting in?

Absolutely! We offer each child 3 FREE lessons to trial Martial Arts before deciding to opt to the Martial Arts Program.

What is the process to join Martial Arts program?

To join the Martial Arts Program, you’ll need to complete the Martial Arts Authorisation Form. Once complete, please send the form to the following email address:

Our team will reply back to confirm acceptance over 2 business days.

What does the uniform include?

The uniform includes a bag with your child’s name on it, a purple Growing Minds shirt, a black jacket and pants and a white belt. Each item includes the logo and name “Eye of the Eagle” on it.

How often do I take the uniform home to wash?

Every Thursday of every week you are able to take your child’s uniform home to wash it. It’s important to remember to bring back the uniform for training on Monday.

How do the children get ready for their class?

The children are expected to be in their martial arts uniforms for the class. There are two educators present with each group who assist the children to change into their martial arts uniforms before the class starts, with boys and girls separated in different rooms.

Dance Program:

What does the Dance program offer?

Our exclusive dance program offers a wide variety of different genres such as modern, hip hop and cultural dances. Dance is great for kids with benefits including enhancing one’s co-ordination, muscular strength and aerobic fitness. The dance program is based on children’s choice and thus any student can be part of the program.

Which day is Dance program on?

The Dance Program is on every Tuesday during After School Care.

What is the payment for Dance program?

There are no additional payments for the dance program.

Bus Pick Up Service/Drop Off Service:

How does the pick up service work?

Our Parramatta Location After School Care pick up service caters to children enrolled at Parramatta Public School, Parramatta North Public School, St Patrick’s Primary School and Parramatta East PS.

Our Westmead Location After School Care Service caters to children at Westmead Public School

How does the drop off service work?

We provide a complimentary drop off bus service for students from 6:00pm to 6:30pm to a convenient Parramatta CBD Location (Alphacrucis College).


Does Growing Minds provide Meals?

We provide breakfast and nutritional snacks for After School Care. We provide all meals during Vacation Care. We cater to special dietary or religious requirements. Below our example Menu

Before & After School Care Menu


Will I ever be charged Full Fees?

Some Parents & Guardians might notice their account is being charged full fees. This may be because you have not started or completed your MyGov assessment, have rejected your CWA or your household income is above $350,000. Also it may be because you’ve used your CCS entitlement for the financial year.

Can I recoup Full Fees?

CCS eligibility can be backdated 28 days from the enrollment confirmation. In this scenario your next statement will reflect a credit amount in your favour, reflecting the CCS component has now been received by Growing Minds.

When do Fees get charged?

Fees are charged every Friday for the week that passed. 

What If I miss a payment?

There is a $4 fee for unsuccessful payments. Our system is set up to charge $380 Variable each week, this means if you miss one week our system will automatically try to deduct two weeks on the following Friday up to a maximum of $380.

How do I read my Customer Account Statement (CAS)?

Please click here for an explanation of the CAS.

We're sad to say goodbye to our Parramatta/Westmead community of families. We're not operating at present as we search for our new home.